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Our Accreditations


Our Vision

To provide individuals with the opportunity to pursue their aspirations in a convenient and accessible manner by studying comprehensive and flexible courses in their chosen fields. Our ambition is to provide this opportunity to individuals worldwide, allowing them to obtain internationally recognized qualifications without requiring significant lifestyle changes. Learners can conduct self-paced studies from the comfort of their preferred locations.


Our Mission

To provide a unique online and on-campus learning experience that aligns with the requirements of today's society and the evolving global economy. We are committed to excellence in education, ensuring that our students, regardless of their background, gain recognized and valuable qualifications through our innovative and user-friendly platform.


Our Dedicated Team

Dr. Mohammad Islam


Isabella Micu

Business Development Manager

Kritik Ranjit

Admission Officer

Khadiza Khatiun

Student Recruitment Officer


Founded in 2019 by Dr. Mohammad Shafiq, DMS has a proven track record of delivering exceptional training programmers and courses that are tailored to the specific needs of our students. As advocates for diversity, inclusion, and equality, we understand the role of education in driving economic and social transformation. We are not just focused on academic excellence but also the well-being of our learners and staff.


Our ongoing efforts to enhance our educational environment are exemplified by our pursuit of Professional accreditation, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and organizational excellence. In partnership with universities, we aim to broaden the impact and reach of quality education, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the modern workforce.

Facilities and Resources

Our focus is on providing practical and theoretical knowledge through our dynamic platform, tailored to each student's career aspirations.

Flexible Course Delivery

To provide flexible and accessible education through state-of-the-art facilities and technology. Options for online, on-campus, or blended learning.

Innovative Learning Platform

Enables students to attend lectures, access materials, submit assignments, and take exams online. Whilst AI analyses engagement so a tutor can provide support as early as possible.


London and Manchester


Campuses are located in easily accessible areas to make education more inclusive.