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February 25 2024


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How to Prepare for an Online Exam?

Taking online exams is an entirely new concept for many students. But anyone can ace it with the proper preparation. Online exam preparation is similar in many ways to regular exams. However, some aspects are unique that you must ensure before and during online exams.

This article will be a complete guideline for students who need to learn how to prepare for an online exam. I will show you how you can prepare yourself before taking the online exam and during the exam. So, let’s get right in.

How Do I Prepare Before Online Exam?

Preparation for an online exam for students has a few steps. Firstly, you have to prepare yourself well before taking the exam. Here’s how you can prepare yourself better before sitting for an online exam:

Understand The Exam

Firstly, you have to know the structure and guidelines of the exam. Once you know that, you can start preparing for the exam. After Reading the test guidelines and rules, check your exam’s date and duration. It will help you make yourself ready for the exam. If you have any specific questions regarding the question paper, you can ask your instructor. 

You must also know how online exams are conducted at home. Knowing what kind of questions you will have to answer and how to answer them is very crucial for you. Online tastes can be of MCQ questions, short answers, or essays. All these three formats require different types of preparation.

Complete And Revise Your Syllabus

Whether you are taking an online or in-person exam, you must complete your syllabus first. So, study your course material thoroughly. Even if you have an open book exam, study every content beforehand.

At least revise your entire syllabus once after completing it. Doing so will help you understand the concepts and answer well in the exam. You should also take some mock tests for better preparation.

Plan For Your Online Exam

Now it’s time to plan for your exam. If you have a self-paced exam, choose a preferred time when you can attend the exam without any hassle. But if you have a real-time exam, ensure everything is settled beforehand. Allocate your time for each section of the question.

With proper planning, you can finish the exam smoothly. It’s a bonus if you can type fast on the keyboard. Otherwise, plan your time smartly.

Check Your Devices

It's a very vital step for online exams. Since you will need devices to participate in an online exam, ensure all the required devices are working correctly. You will need a laptop or desktop for the exam. Fully charge your laptop before you sit for the exam.

If you use a desktop, make sure it’s correctly connected with wall sockets. Remember to check your WiFi connection. A slow internet connection can be detrimental to online exams. Always keep a backup of your broadband connection. Ensure that headphones, webcam, mouse, and other necessary items are working correctly.

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How Do I Prepare Myself During Online Exams

How Do I Prepare Myself During Online Exams?

For online exams, you have to keep preparing yourself even while the exam is taking place. Let’s see some general instructions for online exams for school students and others:

Never Leave the Test Page

You cannot leave the test page during an online exam. You might not be able to take the exam again. You can use a different tab or window if you have to search for anything. But I suggest you use another device to be on the safe side.

Keep Track of Your Time

Time management is very crucial for online exams. Since you are taking the exam in front of a screen, you might lose track of your time. Online exams take more time to finish than offline exams for some reasons. Always keep an eye on the time. You can use a watch or look at the clock on your screen.

Never Lose Your Cool

Anything can happen during an online exam. You might not be able to enter the exam page, your screen might freeze, or you can be disconnected from the internet. Whatever the situation, do not panic and never lose your calm. Contact your instructor and plead your situation; I’m sure your instructor will come up with a solution.

Revise Before Submission

Revision is significant before submitting your copy. Check whether you have touched every question. Make sure all the answers are completed and accurate. Do not leave any blank spaces. Check for grammatical and spelling errors. And most importantly, remember to click the submit button properly.

After completing the exam, you can assess your progress and determine where you are lacking. And do check your grades on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online exam better than offline?

Online exams have some benefits that you won’t find in offline exams. Online exams are flexible for both students and teachers. They can take exams from home, so they are comfortable as well. Besides, it’s also time-saving.

Can online tests detect cheating?

Yes. Most online tests have cheating detection mechanisms. You will have to take exams in front of a webcam. Besides, the system will warn you if you leave the exam page. Proctoring, data forensics, etc., are also in place for cheating detection.

Are online tests harder?

It ultimately depends on the students. If they have good typing skills, it won't be a problem for them. However, students with no or minimal typing skills will suffer during online exams. Plus, open-book online exams can be challenging.

What should I do an hour before an online exam?

An hour before the online exam is a very crucial time. You must use your time wisely. You should check all the devices to see whether they're working correctly. Check your internet connection, and purchase a data package on your phone if needed. Then keep revising your syllabus and stay calm.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to prepare for an online exam is winning half the battle. Now you can relax and start preparing for your upcoming online exam. Remember one thing, keeping calm in any situation is a must. Godspeed.

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